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We are passionate about applying our specialised expertise to promote your business in a digital landscape. We determine your objectives, define your digital marketing requirements and develop integrated strategies that work exclusively for you.

Our strategies are framed to send an emphatic message to the right audience, at the right time and through the right channels! We see your digital journey through, making your success our success!

What We Do

We DoIt's a service that never sleeps



Our graphic design concepts, both on-screen and off-screen, are eye-catching, engaging and creatively deliver the larger picture in a nutshell! We work within the confines of the client brief, but the creative twist makes all the difference!



We develop and maintain brand websites that are responsive on desktops, tablets & mobiles. We also maintain micro sites to showcase highlights of the brand, launch a promotion or boost a digital marketing campaign.



Our writers do a constant jig between writing catchy and intriguing copy to creating keyword rich content for digital marketing purposes. Website content, blogs, articles, captions, taglines – you name it, we write it!


Web Presence Management

We build and maintain your brand in a digital landscape and optimise your website to improve visibility on search engines. With targeted display ads, emailers and relevant content with right keywords, we generate quality traffic to your online business.



We analyse web traffic to gauge the effectiveness of the website in a commercial context. We tabulate the number of visitors, page views, popularity and conversions, compare them to key performance indicators and make the right adjustments to your campaign!


  • Ram CEO

    The buck stops here! An-outcome driven personality who takes the initiative and leads from the front. With 18 years of experience, he’s garnered the knowledge and the expertise in web presence management to always stay two steps ahead of the game!

  • The TeamUnited We Stand

    Here’s the backbone of our organisation – the team that works behind the scenes! Each of them independent contributors in their respective roles, they all come together as a cohesive whole to render digital marketing services across the spectrum!

Case Studies

Studiesproof of the pudding

  • Australian Cruise Group is the premier Dining and Charter Cruise Operator on Sydney Harbour


    • The challenge was to build and maintain an aggregator portal and drive online sales and manage third party supplier listings on the website
    • ROI was at 3% and the client sought improvement


    • We researched and analysed similar aggregator sites selling tourism-related experiences, narrowed down the best elements and practices, created a UI/UX design from scratch and built a CRM website that works seamlessly on all devices
    • We also successfully integrated SEO elements to improve the ranking and visibility of the website in the digital space


    • Over a period 8 months of SEO initiatives, the site was ranking #2 on Google for main keywords
    • Improved ROI to 12% by streamlining the reach & visibility of the ad and website to the right audience, and also by improving the booking efficiency of the website across all platforms
    • Average daily visitation is about 1000 visitors a day
  • Sydney Showboats is the longest running dining and entertainment cruise operator on Sydney Harbour


    • There was a bounce rate of 75pc on mobile devices
    • Ranking of the site for two critical keywords had dropped drastically
    • Inappropriate Adwords Management with an average leakage of $150 every day


    • We went in for a complete revamp of the site, making the design more current and attractive, making content more reader-friendly and improving user-friendliness by making the website responsive on all devices
    • We monitored the load time of the website on all devices and optimised it
    • We analysed the Adwords data and streamlined the spend accordingly


    • Bounce rate on mobile reduced to 47%
    • Higher CTR and conversions and 40% reduction in Adwords spend
    • Website loads in 3.5 seconds or less
  • Evalesco Financial Services is a firm in Sydney that helps people manage their wealth and achieve their financial goals.


    • To transcribe podcasts and write blogs from the transcribed copy


    • We read up about Evalesco and the services they offer for a better understanding of who they are and what they do, making transcription simpler and less tedious


    • Periodic update of fresh content in terms of blogs added to their website, thus resulting in increase of indexed content by Google.


  • Nikki - Bad Fishy Cairns

    Thanks very much for creating a wonderful new site for us. We are very impressed with your design skills, efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. We hope to work with you again in the future.

  • Laura Burns - Australian Cruise Group

    Ardent designed websites and mobile applications that are responsive to both Apple and Android Operating Systems. The user-friendly designs are well optimised for the smaller screens without compromising the spotlight on the brand. They are a one-stop shop that provides content development, monetisation strategies as well as design & development, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

  • Sarah Bennett - Magistic Cruises

    Ardent not only created our website from scratch, they have consistently maintained quality checks to ensure a high google ranking. Thank you for providing a service that never sleeps!

  • Andrew (CEO) - Sydney Showboats

    Great job! We are more than satisfied with the services rendered by Ardent. Creativity, quality and timely delivery all rolled into one. Keep up the good work!

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